Frequently asked questions (FAQs)



Mr Sandiford uses dissolvable sutures which are buried. These will not be visible and not require removal


Baths and Showers

A waterproof dressing will be applied to the wound. (You will be given some spare dressings as well). You will be able to have light showers with this but the wound needs to stay dry for 2 weeks before you can commence baths.



You will be discharged with opiods (eg codeine), paracetamol and anti-inflammatories. You are encouraged to take these regularly as prescribed as they will help with swelling and discomfort. You can begin to wean yourself off these as you feel more comfortable.



Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Return to work and Driving

Physiotherapy will begin on the day of surgery or the first day after. You will begin to move the hip or  knee and walk. You might initially need a frame or crutches before progressing to a stick. Patients differ however and the course will vary based on the procedure performed.

The team will make sure that you are safe to cope at home can manage stairs, if necessary, prior to discharge.

You will require physiotherapy after discharge and unless advised by Mr Sandiford otherwise you should have started this before your clinic appointment.

You might require crutches or a walking aide such as a stick for 4- 6 weeks. If you use public transport you might wish to consider working from home during this period. You will return to driving at about 6 weeks.